Become Our Partner And Earn Big

Affiliate Program Overview

The goal of this affiliate program is mutually profitable promotion of our products - email marketing software. You can share your affiliate link with people potentially interested in our products. You even do not need to own a website. You can use blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Yahoo answers, Adwords, articles, forums, etc. to post links to our website, giving advice on how to use our products or to recommend them. When the visitor goes to our website through your link our affiliate tracking system will remember them and credit you for the sale if they buy from us.

How's the Commission Rate?

As an our affiliate, you're allowed an industry leading commission rate (60% initially), which quarantees you the most profitable return on your investment. If you'd like to contact us for further discussion, we can rise the commission rate to 75% or even higher. Below are our suggestions that may help you to rise the rate:

  • Promote our products on your homepage +5%
  • A do-follow backlink to our homepage on any PR 4 (or higher) page +5%
  • Sell more than 100 copies per month +5%

Three Steps to Join Our Affiliate

Sign up for your affiliate account through Mycommerce and get access to real-time reporting, easy to sell products and promotions, and monthly commission payments.

Download your personal tracking links and banners, create custom tracking links, and place them anywhere on your website.

Get paid when your visitors click on banners and links on your website and buy our products.


  • 1. It sounds great. How do I sign up?
    Signing up is simple, fast and automated. Answer a few questions about yourself or your business, set up your login information and start adding products. You can be selling today.
  • 2. What are the advantages to join your affiliate program?
    • Great chance for you to easily make big profits
    • Free to join whoever maintains a business or personal website
    • Earn up to 75% commission
    • Favorable affiliate network
    • Best selling software with high quality guaranteed
  • 3. When do I get paid?
    It all depends on you. You can customize the payment when sign up, including payment method, how often to pay, when to pay and the minimum amount to pay.